4 Tips to Help Students Ace the STAAR ECR Prompt

Get ready to ace the STAAR ECR or extended constructed response portion of the new STAAR ELA test with these three tips.

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Tip 1: Know the STAAR ECR Rubric


Understanding the STAAR ECR rubric is crucial for scoring well. Remember, they want a clear and developed controlling idea that answers the specific question. Your organization should flow smoothly, with proper use of introduction, conclusion, and transition words. Make sure to include relevant, explained evidence from the text. And don’t forget to communicate your answer effectively with clear word choice.


Tip 2: Learn from STAAR ECR Sample Answers

STAAR ECR Sample Answers

Reading STAAR ECR sample responses can give you a great idea of what to aim for. Compare a low-scoring response with a high-scoring one to see the difference. Pay attention to clarity, accuracy, and use of supporting details.


Tip 3: Have a Plan


Consider using the RACER plan when planning and writing your ECR answer. While there are other strategies out there, it’s important to have a plan in place. Start by restating the question in your introduction and clearly stating your controlling idea. Then, in your body paragraphs, use cited evidence that directly supports your controlling idea. Be sure to explain how the evidence connects.

Tip 4: Get Ready

Help your students succeed by practicing STAAR ECR questions regularly. By familiarizing them with the process and expectations, they will feel confident during testing. Find useful STAAR ECR writing prompts below to get started.

With these tips, you’ll be well-prepared to tackle the extended constructed response portion of the STAAR test. 

Good luck!

Make sure your students know the difference between the ECR and SCR questions on their STAAR test so they can best apply all the strategies learned.

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