Preparing for STAAR Online: Top 3 Strategies!

Are you ready to prepare your students for STAAR Online like a pro?

Today, we’ll dive into three effective strategies to boost their confidence and familiarity with the online testing platform. From practicing on the actual STAAR platform to using Google Forms and TPT’s Easel, we’ve got you covered.

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Let’s get your students tech-savvy and test-ready!

Today, we’re tackling an important topic – preparing your students for the STAAR Online Test. 

I’ve got three fantastic strategies to help your students feel confident and at ease when they sit behind that computer screen on test day. Let’s dive right in!

Strategy 1: Explore the Actual STAAR Online Platform

First things first, head on over to the TEA website. They’ve got links to practice tests and released tests from last year’s STAAR 2023. It’s like a treasure trove of resources! I strongly recommend your students get comfortable with the platform and all its features. You can even watch my video that walks through all the features specifically – trust me; it’s worth it!

Strategy 2: Assign Classroom Work in Google Forms

Our second strategy is all about Google Forms. Assigning classroom work through Google Forms gives your students a taste of what it’s like to click correct answers and type into a box – just like on the STAAR Online platform. It’s a fantastic way to familiarize them with the online environment.

Strategy 3: Utilize TPT’s Easel

And now, the third strategy – TPT’s Easel! This platform adds an interactive twist. Students can highlight text, cross through answer choices, and type into a box, making it even more similar to the online STAAR test.

Any online form of assignment is a great way to prepare. Whether they’re jotting down notes on paper or using the computer, it’s all about getting comfortable with the format.

The Importance of Preparation for STAAR Online

Now, why is all this preparation so crucial? We want your students to feel as comfortable as possible on test day. That’s why we’re helping them get familiar with technology and confident with their using test-taking strategies online. 

It’s a winning combination – comfort plus confidence equals success!

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Alright, I hope you found these strategies helpful. Remember, preparation is the key to success. Let’s empower our students and take away any worries they might have. Together, we’ve got this!

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